Daisy Doodle performs wide variety of toddler birthday party shows in nyc

Toddler Birthday Party Entertainment

Performer Daisy Doodle makes balloons for toddler party entertainment NY NJ CT
Elmo character comes to entertain at toddler birthday parties in nyc   Daisy Doodle is professional toddler birthday party entertainer in New York City

Birthday party performer Daisy Doodle offers wide variety of toddler show entertainment in New York City for babies, 1 year, 2 year and 3 year old kids parties

Toddler Jubilee Show is entertainment geared to 3 year old birthday parties

Toddler birthday party for 3 year olds

Daisy Doodle uses puppets and music to entertain kids at toddler birthday party nyc   Performer Daisy Doodle's opening number with colorful props and music at 3 year old toddler birthday party

Toddler Jubilee Show is birthday party entertainment for 3 year olds with music, props, puppet, bubbles, sing-along, dancing, parachute. Lots of kids participation.

Entertainer Daisy Doodle blows bubbles for toddler entertainment at birthday party nyc   Parachute is popular kids entertainment at toddler parties in Manhattan
Toddler Funtime Shows are good for 2 year old birthday parties in NYC

Toddler Show Entertainment 2 year old

Performer Daisy Doodle swings poi balls for Toddler Funtime show entertainment  
Toddler entertainer Daisy Doodle's opening number to music features streamer wand and other props

Toddler Funtime Show is geared for 2 year olds, with opening number to music using visual props, sing-along, puppet, bubbles, simple dancing. Very interactive.

Toddlers love to interact with puppets at birthday parties in Manhattan NY

Video Clip of Daisy Doodle Toddler Funtime Show

Teeny Toddler Show is good for 1st birthday party entertainment in NYC

1st Birthday Party Entertainment nyc

Daisy Doodle dances to music with colorful props to entertain 1 and 2 year old toddlers at their birthday parties   Babies and 1 year olds are wowed by performer Daisy Doodle's Teeny Toddler  Birthday Show

Teeny Toddler Show has visually stimulating opening number to music with props, simple sing-along, puppet, bubbles, props, dancing, kids participation.

Elmo character can come to your toddler's birthday party in nyc

Elmo Character birthday party nyc

Kids love having Elmo come to their birthday party in NYC   Elmo entertains toddler at his birthday party and poses for photos with the family in Brooklyn NY   Babies like being held by Elmo character at their birthday party

Elmo character is very popular at kids birthday parties. Elmo dances with kids, followed by photos with each child and group photos. Great birthday party entertainment for children ages 1, 2, 3 years old in NYC, NJ, CT.

Elmo character can come to adult birthday parties or special occasions in New York City

Elmo character for adult birthdays

Elmo entertains man at his hospital bed on his birthday with a Elmo telegram  
Friends sent Elmo character telegram to surprise a lady on her birthday

Elmo character is fun for adult birthdays too! Hire Elmo to cheer up birthday person in the hospital or surprise them at work. Or to embarrass your boss...lol


Emma Wiggles Birthday Party Character


Daisy Doodle dresses as Emma Wiggles character for Wiggles Toddler Show. Sing-along and dancing with props and give-aways to upbeat Wiggles music.

Daisy Doodle performs toddler birthday party entertainment in NYC, Westchester, Long Island NY, NJ, CT

Serving New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Westchester, Long Island, CT, NJ, NYC

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Daisy Doodle provides toddler birthday party entertainment nyc

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