Pirate kids birthday parties with Daisy Doodle in New York City, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens NY

Kids Pirate Birthday Parties nyc

Kids pose with Daisy Doodle and balloon swords at pirate birthday party nyc

Captain Daisy's pirate entertainment with balloon swords & swordbelts for childrens pirate birthday parties nyc

Children hold balloons swords up for photo at pirate birthday party outside in Manhattan NY


Pirate birthday party activities include pirate bootcamp, treasure hunt, facepainting, balloon swords, prizes

Kids with balloon swords made by Daisy Doodle at pirate birthday party in Brooklyn NY   Kids fight enemy pirates at pirate birthday party nyc


Pirate Daisy Doodle teaches kids how to be good pirates and leads children in fun pirate party activities

Birthday boy poses for photo with pirate facepainting and holding his balloon twisted sword in Manhattan NY   Boy is face painted as a pirate for his birthday party in Queens NY   Child is facepainted as a pirate and holds his twisted birthday party balloon sword in Bronx NY

Kids get facepainted as pirates plus twisted balloon swords & sword belts for pirate party entertainment

Super Duper Daisy Doodle's entertainment for superhero birthday parties in NYC, CT, NJ

Superhero Entertainment for Kids nyc

Daisy Doodle dressed as Super Duper Daisy for superhero entertainment for kids parties nyc   Daisy Doodle leads kids in contests and games at superhero birthday party Manhattan NYC


Super Duper Daisy Doodle leads birthday party kids in superhero activities, martial arts, games, contests

Kids are facepainted as Wonder Woman and Superman at superhero birthday party nyc   Spiderman is a favorite superhero facepainting at childrens birthday parties in nyc


Superhero Super Duper Daisy facepaints kids as super hero of their choice for birthday party entertainment nyc

Kids love superhero and pirate  facepainting for birthday parties in NY CT NJ   Birthday boy gets superhero balloon helmut, sword & swordbelt  for party in Brooklyn NY Daisy Doodle facepaints boy as batman superhero with balloon sword for superhero entertainment for kids nyc

Superhero birthday party kids get superhero balloon twisting, with balloon swords, swordbelts, helmuts

Games, contests and relays for kids birthday party entertainment in nyc

Childrens birthday party games nyc

Kids compete in 3-legged race and games at birthday party in Manhattan NY

Daisy Doodle leads children in games, contests, relay races for entertainment at kids birthday parties

Fun group activities for kids parties, good exercise too!

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Pirate and super hero party entertainment for children s parties nyc
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