Daisy Doodle offers dance parties for kids entertainment nyc

Daisy Doodle's kids dance parties for childrens birthday entertainment nyc

Daisy Doodle's kids dance party entertainment in NYC NY NJ CT
Daisy's dance party for kids in NYC NY NJ CT
Dance party for children in Brooklyn nyc   Girls do YMCA dance at birthday party in Bronx nyc

Children dancing the YMCA at girl's birthday party in Manhattan NYC. Kids love dancing together as a group!

Border for Daisy Doodle's childrens dance birthday parties in Queens nyc

Children's Birthday Party Dancing nyc

Kids love dancing together at birthday party in Long Island NY   Kids dance in conga line at party in Westchester NY

Kids dancing birthday party favorites, like conga line, limbo, chicken dance, twist, hokey pokey, macarena

Kids do the twist with Daisy Doodle at dance party in Stamford CT
Video Clips of Daisy Doodle Birthday Dance Party
Border for childrens birthday party dance favorites in Jersey City NJ

Kids Dance Party Entertainment nyc

Kids love limbo dance entertainment in Manhattan NYC   Kids dance the twist at birthday party in Brooklyn NYC

Kids will dance the limbo at birthday parties for hours! Party dancing is great exercise for children


Video of 2 Childrens Dance Parties in 1 day!

Border princess dance birthday parties NYC NY NJ CT

Princess Dance Birthday Parties nyc

Daisy Doodle leads kids at princess dance birthday party Bronx nyc   Princess Daisy Doodle teaching children to dance the YMCA at birthday party Westchester NY

Dancing is perfect for princess parties. Princess Daisy Doodle leads the kids in popular party dances.

Kids dance with streamer wands at birthday party Queens NYC   Children wait in line to dance the limbo at birthday party in Connecticut

Video of Princess Dance Party Entertainment

Border Hawaiian Hula dance party for kids nyc

Hula Dancer for Childrens Party nyc

HHula dance party with Daisy Doodle at Hawaiian Luau nyc
Girls learning to hula dance at Hawaiian party Long Island NY

Daisy Doodle uses Hula dance props like feathered gourds, poi balls & tells Hawaiian stories with arm movements

Daisy Doodle performing hula dance show at Hawaiian Luau party Brooklyn NYC   Daisy Doodle dances with feather gourds at hula show at Hawaiian party in Queens NYC  
Hula dancer Daisy Doodle performs Hawaiian party entertainment Bronx NYC
Border for Hula dance kids birthday parties in NYC NY NJ CT

Hula Dance Shows for Birthday Parties

Daisy Doodle gives hula dance lesson at Hawaiian party in Manhattan nyc   Daisy Doodle gives hula dance show and lesson at Hawaiian party in Queens NYC

Hula Dancer Daisy Doodle gives Hula dance lesson to kids at Hawaiian Luau party teaching them to Hula dance


Video of Hawaiian Hula Dance Show & Dance Lesson

border of Daisy Doodle theme kids dance party entertainment in NYC NY NJ CT

Theme Kids Dance Party Entertainment

Hippie 60s theme dance party entertainment in Long Island NY   Daisy Doodle dressed as ballerina for kids ballet dance party nyc  
, Children posing at belly dance birthday party in Manhattan nyc
Hippie 60s Groovy Dance Party
Ballet Dance
Belly dance show and lesson
Daisy Doodle leads kids dance party entertainment in NYC, NY NJ CT
Serving NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Westchester, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey
Hawaiian luau party entertainment nyc border
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