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Time Out Kids magazine article on "NYC's most enchanting entertainers"  

Featured in TIME OUT NEW YORK KIDS magazine of "NYC's most enchanting entertainers" for childrens parties

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Balloon twisting for childrens party entertainment nyc

Balloon Twisting for Kids Parties nyc

Child with twisted balloons at his birthday party   Boy with balloon sword at restaurant childrens party entertainment   Girl wears balloon hat a kids birthday party in nyc

Balloon twisting is popular entertainment at childrens parties. Daisy Doodle makes balloons for all the kids.

border facepainting for kids entertainment

Face painting kids birthday party nyc

Child painted as pirate at his birthday party   Older children get their faces painted at Kids Day party   Birthday girl gets arms and face painted at her party

Kids love face painting, arms and body painting, glitter tattoes at childrens & company parties, festivals, etc.

border magic shows childrens birthday parties

Magic Shows for Childrens Parties nyc

Performer Daisy Doodle at kids magic show party
  Children are amazed at birthday party magic show  
Child helps Daisy Doodle with magic trick at birthday party

Childrens party performer Daisy Doodle offers wide variety of comedy & theme magic shows for kids parties nyc

border for toddler childrens birthday parties

Toddler Childrens Birthday Parties nyc

Daisy Doodle with toddler at his 3rd birthday party   2 year old birthday girl awed by Elmo character entertainment   Kids performer Daisy Doodle swings poi balls at party for 1 year old

Kids birthday party entertainment for children ages 1-3; toddler shows with singing, dancing, music, Elmo show

border for dance party kids entertainment

Dance Party Kids Entertainment nyc

Children dancing with Daisy Doodle at nyc birthday party   Daisy Doodle leads kids dancing at princess birthday party   Hula dancing by Daisy Doodle at kids Hawaiian birthday party

Dance Parties for kids of all ages with childrens popular party dancing plus Hula dancing, princess parties, more

Pirate and Superhero kids birthday party entertainment with games, contests, relay races nyc

Pirate & Superhero Birthday Party nyc Kids Games, Contests, Relay Races

Children raise balloon swords with Pirate Captain Daisy Doodle at pirate birthday party nyc   Kids love superhero birthday party entertainment in nyc with Super Duper Daisy Doodle   Games, contests and relay races for kids birthday party entertainment nyc

Daisy Doodle provides Pirate and Superhero kids party entertainment, plus relay races, contests, games in nyc

craft projects for kids birthday parties border
Craft Projects for Birthday Parties nyc
Children love making craft projects at birthday parties   Kids make necklaces as birthday party entertainment  
Coloring is popular activity at kids parties in nyc

Kids love crafts projects at childrens birthday parties, with beads, stickers, coloring entertainment and more

border for Childrens Halloween Parties nyc

Childrens Halloween Parties nyc

Daisy Doodle Diabolica at kids halloween party   Daisy Doodle performing at Halloween kids party entertainment   Magic show at childrens Halloween party

Daisy Doodle performs for Halloween kids parties as friendly witch with entertainment including Halloween magic show, facepainting, balloon twisting, more

border Holiday kids party entertainment
Holiday Kids Party Entertainment nyc
Daisy Doodle dressed in elf costume with volunteer at holiday magic show in Bronx NY  
Kids perform in company holiday party entertainment in Brooklyn NY
Dressed as Ms Santa at childrens holiday party in Manhattan NYC

Daisy Doodle offers wide variety of Kids Holiday party entertainment with characters, magic show, games, more

border reviews of kids party performer Daisy Doodle
icon of reviews of Daisy Doodle's childrens party entertainment
Reviews and Bio

Reviews and Bio of Daisy Doodle's childrens party entertainment and kids birthday parties nyc

Reviews of entertainer Daisy Doodle's kids parties
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